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Women’s Residential Treatment Facility

Women’s Residential Treatment Facility

Women’s Residential SUD Treatment Home

The Freedom Recovery Center – Women’s Residential SUD Treatment Home is a program designed to meet the needs of women with serious substance use disorders, most of whom are involved in the criminal justice system.  As there is a serious methamphetamine problem in our area and a lack of residential SUD treatment facilities, the need for this residential “treatment home” for women is overt and urgent.

Methamphetamine is highly addictive drug that destroys families. Often, the acutely addicted individual does not stop using methamphetamine until they encounter law enforcement.  In jail, with no ability to get the drug or while on probation and being closely supervised, there is a window of opportunity to intervene to break the addictive pattern.

That is where the Freedom Recovery Center’s Women’s – Residential SUD Treatment Home steps in.  We are a 24/7 facility that works with all District Courts and Circuit Courts, in Michigan.  Our weekly schedule, we provide intensive SUD treatment, individual and group therapy. We utilize targeted case management, integrated with SUD treatment, to individually serve each woman as needed. A variety of psycho-educational life skills classes are provided to help each woman learn or re-learn healthy ways of living and self-care. We foster empowerment and value individual autonomy.  No one is forced to come to or stay in our program. Recovery coaching is vital for the “been there” support for building a recovery lifestyle. We work to integrate our program participants back into their families, and the community at large. We encourage and facilitate attendance of local community-based recovery support meetings i.e., AA, NA.

The women we serve are generally unemployed, have no income, no safe or stable place to live and no healthy relationships. Their lives are extremely chaotic and there is no support for recovery.  Their cognitive abilities have been impaired by drug use and they are emotionally disconnected or unregulated.  Through our program, we will provide them structure and safety to facilitate healing.  We will assist them in the creation of a new life, one of self-care, healthy relationships and pro-social activities.  We call it a home because we care about those we serve, and everyone contributes to the successful functioning of the program.  All the activities of daily living, basic cleaning, laundry and meal preparation, are done, with assistance of staff, by the participants to their ability. We are committed to helping women with serious addictions reclaim their lives, their families and children, and thereby contribute to the greater good.

Contact Us When You’re Ready 517-278-4673 (HOPE) available 24/7

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